the happy moment i saw a toy it make me happy why does a small toy make me so happy!!

why do we think normal


can we think upside down



  1. happy is now
    happy is planning for food and shelter
    that all

    happy is sometimes you have surprise

    happy is why is human so complicated

    happy is when you meet some good people , stranger who offer to help you

    happy is when you see you have hope

    happy is surprise how your wife is so nice, happy is you know there is a purpose in life, but what if there is no meaning of your life,

    happy is we know we have legs or arms for today

    happy is social media or the worst technology ever invented by human,
    but everything has a double edge, is knife a good tool or bad,

    happy is learn to live now

    happy is when you read this, may be you mean to get some idea,
    everyone pick up some garbage today , the world will be a better place,



    I f you are breathing, there is happy,

    if life is empty, then what is full

    if life is meaningless, help some disable people or goto dying ward , see life is useless at that time, and money does not serve any purposes,

    life is now

    breathe now,
    life is just laughing

    life is living well,
    now is only now, what is now and later , so if you have 20 pairs of shoes,,, , and it is fun , so enjoy,

    life is to seek fun, so wha t is fun, ? is perfection fun, what is perfect, what is a perfect wife, what is a perfect food


    g happy is rejection therapy, or what is rejection,

    what is love?
    is your work meaningful

    why do people think about thing like this>>> which job is meaningful…..janitor, painting, comedian, therapist, which job is the worst and meaningless? politician, lawyer? is farmer meaningless,

    how to be stuck !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    is music perfomer a meaningless job , is

    how to be unstuck????????????? in life

    are you a perfection person?

    is something wrong , am i always happy because I do not really care?? abut how other see me..

    how I view rejection?

    how I view material things?

    if you have a 10,000 shoes, does it mean you have more happy?

    if you have 5000 square feet home, are you more happy than a person live in a monk

    what do you think????


    1. Power of now
      Good or bad book
      Live in the now
      I am now
      Live in this moment

      over thinking

      Do you trust your perception
      Evidence based medicine
      Skeptical sciences
      Save life
      Apply to communication,

      Are we over stimulating
      In clubs
      In hockey game
      In Rock concert

      Work environment
      Mobile hearing clinic
      Is it 100% save

      What is risk,,,,,,


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