meanng of life or what do i do with my life dr albert tan answer it changes

What’s the meaning of life?  it chnges over my life time,,

I was almost all into sports swimming g and preparing to study medicine when I was young

There are short answers to this question,

because of family influence and cultural values

like ‘love’, i do not know what love is because   love is = like or just one night together for fun ‘happiness’, = what is it used to be swimming , but I change       , why I do not know……….’to live truly’,= I have no idea, whatever you do, some people will like it other will not like it…….. ‘to truly live’,            = travel to Europe and many places, what is that mean ………………. ‘life has no meaning = some people do tell me that………………..beyond that which you give it’              = be a good garbage collector              responsibleity eg friend or family……….. etc. If you can find a short answer that seems to answer your question,i do not know if there is just one answer but I never think much         

I would venture that the meaning of life is different for different people. Therefore the meaning of life is    !!!!!!!!!!! same as my book why is there

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