UBCare mobile clinic solution and challenge of medicine

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ubcare mobile medical clinic
Sauder School of Business


This project needs support with

 Volunteer Skills   Goods and Equipment   Venues 

each year ,ubc engineering student has to showcase one of their talent, eg hanging a vw car,,I sincerely hope we can contact them and see if they want to build a ubc mobile clinic, slowly, one year at a time.

The mobile clinic ubc Society fosters a more conscientious and compassionate society by promoting early lhealth iteracy, mental social well-being, and emotional health via peer doctors and tele medicine . Why a mobile clinic, it can be used for education, revention and earthquake ready mobile medical use . It can encourage more health reading, and health literacy to citicens The initiative draws together academic, religious group, community social services ,parents, principals, teachers, advocates, ubc students,, ubc alumni and academics across communities to create healthier wellness for all of Vancouverites .The ubc mobile clinic was founded on the belief that inter professional medical eg md, phd, tcm, dnm, occupational therapist, psychologists and peopel from different health services can work together It provides generational health information mentoring across communities provides an invaluable means for building compassion, strengthening health workers empathy, and improving lifelong learning and health outcomes.

Co-founded by UBC alumna Dr. Albert sze wei tan mission citywide early health literacy initiative, focused on educating the “soul- heart-mind.” prevetion is better than cure The initiative is led by a group of dedicated volunteers and supported by wonm.org as well as medical-student ambassadors.

Our organization consists of parents, principals, teachers, advocates, and academics collaborating across communities to create healthier life and we recruit school volunteers for all of Vancouver. numerous volunteering opportunities have emerged. we are currently looking for assistance in a number of key areas:

• Fundraising, PR and communications
• Book health a mobile truck ,driver
• Donations (funds, services, in volume, children’s health books in volume)
• Audio / visual expertise
• Web development (PHP / HTML / jQuery) and / or WordPress maintenance
• Administrative assistance

If you feel that you could any donate services or resources listed above or others that potentially relevant to the initiative, please contact ic338@yahoo.com

http://www.facebook.com/albertszewei tan

Medical Student/Undergraduate Student Ambassadors

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