cancer care cancer cure a dr julie rao program director research 6048138423 6047109668


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  1. Master albert sze wei tan known as “dr albert einstein tan “, is a
    peace priest and healer. He comes from a direct line of fukien no-sickness teachers, a lineage that is over 7000 years old and completely unbroken. At a young age he was chosen to study on cold water and peace Mountain with thegeorge tan master Liliy lee . After intensive study with Master Li, she sent Master tan to the United States to share this ancient wisdom and healing art. in university of califonrnia, He meet dr ratliff , a genius who has profound memory power. He also study under dr eric pearl, dr aopsubv wong, and dr aav tai

    Master Tanis known for his profound knowledge of the anti aging tradition and his ability to engage his students with depth and humor. Thousands of students from around the world have been inspired to seek ‘the master within’ with Master Tan 6043249302 6048138423.


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