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LifeWhen some stranger yell at you..LaughYell backStudy psychology, and think it is mental illness What is psychosis,Is ?Is education important, what is brain washing, critical thinking, logic thinking,Research is about improve I feel empty, when some one say that to you , what does it mean,.  There is no meaning in life,.  So,,,,,Other people do it , therefore, I seem to follow,Feel no meaning in life,. Be happy,What is the meaning of life,,,Live.   Be happy,Refuse to listen,.  What do you do?Doctors are useless,.   ???? Is it true,.   What kind of education is needed Expensive medical supplies How to lower the priceI do not trust something I do not understand Tips on healthCochrane medical review What is minimum level of education Can you send| world peace energy,,,,,,by laugh therapy,,,,, save life joyjoyjoy blog joyscience blog join our save life team – world peace dr albert tan 604 813 8423 on