Bangladesh and Canada ,conversation between me and her, a research grad student from ubc

difference in education and training

We have been in research and clinical research, clinical medicine,

The grad student believe there is adequate education n health knowledge


Honeslty I do not agree, my social research study discovered the health Canada findings, most people lack the basic understanding of health knowledge and information if how to get health,

Even in the process of health promotion, the health system is so big thatdr have different traung and therefore they do not talk and communicate with each other because of conflict of interest and differences in organization body regulations.

Basic health information like food nutrition



Mental health

Insured or not insurance coverage

It is a very complicated issues

Like the new way to do things

Discovery and new approach of medical treatment is progressing in a very quick way, there is big difference in standard and laws eg stem cell regulations across the a e u region varies very much

How do one understand, it is baesd on slow change and slow education

It is very common for people who does not know even basic information




Why do they do not know,bwho is responsible and how are the school system equib them


People take school eg French,  how many people actually remember how to use






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